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Google Circles services

Price $ / 100

Google Circles / Subscribe 20
Tell about the site 10
Comments 200
Get a 5 stars rating in Google Play 25
Set +1 on post 10

How do we get subscribers for your page?

We have more than 13 million subscribers in the Google Network that are scattered in more than 43 thousand communities all over the world. Promoting in these communities will help you bring subscribers to your page.

Our advantages

WE ARE THE BEST is many largest advertising agencies’


Soctarget guarantees the best page promotion conditions with best quality


System algorithms allows any cheat and any bots attempts or non-unique likes detection, completely protecting your pages from any Google Circles claims


More than 70% of pages, promoted through soctarget, gets to Google Circles top


Q: Do you provide any guarantees?

A: We offer a refill guarantee if any users unsubscribe you, which is applicable for all the services customers buy from us. However, if you think we did not fulfill your order, we have a money-back guarantee.

Q: Will I get real Google subscribers?

A: All subscribers we are going to give you will have real active profiles and friends. On top of that, if you buy more than a thousand subscribers, you will see notable activity on your page relating to your posts (likes, shares and comments).

A like on Google is a kind of an indicator of users’ mood, an opportunity to quickly express one’s agreement or disagreement with the post’s author. Depending on the like numbers, the post will rank faster on the web, drawing attention of different people. Buying likes on Google is used for the post to be noticed in a quicker way.

Why is buying Google likes necessary?

The reason is a simple psychology principle presuming that a person is more inclined to express one’s opinion or show interest in anything if that subject has already been evaluated by others. This principle follows a human being all life long, including virtual one.

A user will rather put a like under the post that has been liked by a few thousand people. You will also get new comments to your post, and that will snowball your Google community. After that you will get new likes, views, comments and shares.

Buying Google likes is a sort of a red rag to a bull, but the toreador should react at the right time to the increasing number of the users and bate their curiosity or interest.

Therefore, if you think how to get more likes on Google, you should simultaneously seek other ways to expand your page, upload quality content and keep those users that swallowed the bait.

The algorithms of social networks searching were discovered long ago, and it’s well known that they are popularity based. The more likes, shares and comments your posts will get, the higher your page will rank in a Google search, that will in turn bring more visitors to your page. It’s all possible with the help of our services, since you can buy from us the subscribers that will show activity on your page.

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