What is the process of followers, hearts, shares and comments purchasing?

Get through registration

Increase balance

Set off the campaign

Service shall provide You with reserved services automatically as soon as campaign is set up. Registration and balance replenishing are all it takes from Your side. Following that, You’ll gain your own office, in which campaign can be established and its advancement can be controlled.

Periscope services

Price $ / 100

Followers 20
Likes 10

How our providing your page with followers is realized?

Over 25 millions of Periscope followers which are allocated in more than 80000 communities from around the world are available to us. Obtaining your channel the subscribers is implemented through the use of advertisement among those societies.

Our advantages


Soctarget.ru is many largest advertising agencies’


Soctarget guarantees the best page promotion conditions with best quality


System algorithms allows any cheat and any bots attempts or non-unique likes detection, completely protecting your pages from any Periscope claims


More than 70% of pages, promoted through soctarget, gets to Periscope top

Frequently asked questions:

Are there any assurances from the service?

Guarantee from the write-off is given to any bought service. In unlikely case of failure we grant money-back.

Will I be given actual Periscope followers?

All followers we’ll prove you with will have active filled profiles and friends. Besides, after buying over 1000 subscribers You’ll note significant activity to new messages (hearts, shares, feedback) on your page.

Periscope gives a means to swiftly signify approval or objection to broadcaster in form of heart, somewhat of users’ mood index. In dependence of hearts number, channel will shift in the Internet, drawing attention of different men. For channel to become prominent faster use Periscope hearts purchasing.

What is Periscope hearts obtaining meant for?

The matter is, principle from base psychology class is being triggered here. For man, it’s easier to share thoughts, display interest to something if it has been already appraised by others. His entire life, regardless real or virtual it is, man acts according to this principle.

User will more likely send heart to a channel that already has hearts from thousands of folks. In addition, when new feedback will start appearing You’ll launch something like snowball in your Periscope community. Thereafter, You will receive new hearts, views, commentaries and shares.

Buying hearts for the Periscope is like teasing a bull with a red cloth, reacting on large inflow of users and satisfying their needs and curiosities is essential for toreador.

Therefore, in parallel with resolution of the Periscope hearts’ raising issue, ways for page expansion, its suitablecompletion and holding baited users has to be found.

Additionally, algorithms for the search in social networks are widely highlighted. They operate on fame principle. If your messages gain lot of hearts, shares and comments, they’ll have high priority in Periscope search, thus leading to You extra users. This all can be done by means of our service, given that You can acquire followers that will display activeness on your page.

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