Soctarget provides the marketing services and enables anyone to purchase likes, comments, shares and subscribers. That requires 3 easy steps:

Register on our website

Add funds

Set up a campaign

This works automatically – you get what you ordered right after creating a promotional campaign. The user should sign up and replenish the balance of the personal account on our website. After this step one can easily create any campaign and then check the status of the action in the account.

Soundcloud services

Price $ / 100

Soundcloud Likes 0.17
Soundcloud Followers 0.17
Soundcloud Plays 0.01
Soundcloud Downloads 0.05
Soundcloud Reposts 0.33
Soundcloud Comments 1.32

Where do we find subscribers to promote your page?

We have a big number of Soundcloud subscribers – more than 9 million in more than 22 000 communities in different countries. You will get new subscribers through the promotion in these communities scattered all over the world.

Our advantages

WE ARE THE BEST is many largest advertising agencies


Soctarget guarantees the best page promotion conditions with best quality


System algorithms allows any cheat and any bots attempts or non-unique likes detection, completely protecting your pages from any Soundcloud claims


More than 70% of pages, promoted through soctarget, gets to Soundcloud top

Q & A:

Q: Will I receive real Soundcloud subscribers with active profiles?

A: We only give live accounts with full profiles and lists of real friends. No fake subscribers. Purchasing more than 1000 subscribers will let you notice higher activity on your page, as new users will like, share and comment your posts.

Q: Will I have any guarantees?

A: We provide a money-back guarantee that you can use if you consider our services unsatisfactory. For all the range of services offered to our clients we have a guarantee protecting you against unsubscribing.

Why do you need to buy Soundcloud likes?

Soundcloud likes show the users’ mood and give anyone the chance to agree with the author or dissent from his opinion. The posts with more likes rank higher and circulate faster on the Internet. Therefore, purchasing Soundcloud likes is meant to draw attention to your page and to promote your posts.

There is a well known psychology rule saying that it’s easier for anyone to give the opinion or show interest in the subject that other people have already rated. This rule is applicable both for real and virtual life. The user will rather like the post that a thousand people have liked. In addition, you will get more comments under the post that will lead to more views, likes, shares.

When you get more visitors and subscribers to your page, you should timely react in order to bate their curiosity and upload relevant content. So to get more likes on Soundcloud, it would be wise to add other tools to boost your page and to hold new users.

You should also keep in mind that searching algorithms of social networks work on a popularity principle. That means your page will be ranked higher in Soundcloud search results if your posts get more comments, likes and shares. The higher ranking of your page will bring more visitors in turn. Soctarget will give you the real subscribers that will boost your page activity and snowball your community.

Many creative people do something to be heard, seen or at least to be noticed. They feel, act and behave in particular manner to get to people.