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Youtube services

Price $ / 100

Real high retention youtube views 0.26
Targeted youtube views 0.33
Youtube subscribers 4.84
Youtube likes 3.52
Dislikes 3.52
Youtube comments , run by authors 35
Youtube shares 2
YouTube Live Stream, min order 5000 0.33
YouTube Comment Likes 3.3

How do we obtain views for your page?

All views are gained by placing your video on our partners highly frequented sites.

Our advantages

WE ARE THE BEST is many largest advertising agencies #1 choice for advertising video seeding


Soctarget guarantees the best video promotion conditions with best quality


System algorithms allows any cheat and any bots attempts or non-unique views detection, completely protecting your videos from any YouTube claims


More than 70% of videos, promoted through soctarget, gets to YouTube top

Frequently asked questions:

My video is not gonna be deleted by YouTube?

We adhere to all YouTube conditions, thus there won’t be any reasons to remove your video. Also, YouTube will not write off views, produced by us, since all traffic is real and comes through embedding your video’s link on highly frequented sites.

What result should I expect?

Since video views, commentaries and likes will increase, it’ll contribute to higher ranking of your video in YouTube internal search for any particular key request. Furthermore, video catches target users eyes at the “Similar videos” section more often.

What guarantees are provided by service?

All services, purchased from us, got write-off warranty. In extreme cases money-back.

What is our order execution speed?

Little tips on your video and YouTube channel promotion.

1. Make video interesting. Describing issues of some theme from the very beginning is the best way to interest your viewers. I.e. You write a review and describe its issue right away. It greatly intrigues your video’s viewer. Besides, if video doesn’t hook from the start, it’s unlikely that someone will watch it till the end.

2. Make video length being average of top videos for your key word. I think YouTube index WATCH TIME is known by many. It shows video’s average watching time in percents and plays a vital role in promoting. As you’ve figured out, the more WATCH TIME in percent is the more chances your video has to get to the top. Your WATCH TIME is higher than your competitors’ You are ranked higher than they are. In total, work on this index so it becomes at least higher than 50%. Few have time to watch long videos till the end. Especially on trivial themes.

3. Post the video on YouTube and create a snowball with the help of Gain at least 1000 views during the first 12 hours. It has to be done for sure to avoid some sort of YouTube sandpit. If you haven’t reach 1000 on in a first day, forget about being around your competitors. But consider also that YouTube gives crazy priorities for new videos. Meaning it’s much easier to gather traffic with video with “Latest” sign than with old one.

Contact us if you have any questions left.

YouTube is a global leader in the field of video content, which unites millions of people all over the world. Due to this great service there are no borders in sharing information. No wonder, its impact on people's minds is huge.